Vizio Firmware

Where and how to update your Vizio Firmware

Vizio Firmware

What's this Vizio firmware we're talking about?

Did you know that Visio flat screen TVs are equipped with tiny computers on their inside? You should know that the company updates the firmware once in a while; the program’s uses are many, from controlling its central unit processor to controlling some operational uses along with adding extra functionality. Sometimes these updates happen automatically and other times it asks you for your permission before performing any changes to your system. It is worth noticing that some older TVs have the particular option of letting you know through e-mail that some changes must be made in a manual way. This is interesting because older products are not left behind.

The Process

The process is particularly easy if your TV does not have the blessing of automatic updates. First of all, a USB drive must be formatted with the FAT32 file system on a computer. After this simple process is achieved then you can browser the Vizio support site and then it is very simple to find your TV model. After you have performed this simple operation then you can download this update to your USB drive. So far so good, it is really easy since if you have basic computer skills you can do it or you can ask anybody for help.

The next step, after you have your files at hand is to insert your thumb drive into a USB port on the back or side of the set (this instruction should be followed in accord to your particular model and a fast glimpse to your user’s manual can save you a few headaches.) The next step is plugging your unit back to the wall and turning on the set. There are good news; if you have followed me throughout the steps then you will be relieved when you know that the process is practically automatic. When the TV is turned on again then the Vizio Firmware will be updated almost immediately. The only thing left is to authorize the transaction by providing permission if you are asked to do so.

So far so good; you won’t need to do anything else. The internal process is simple, and after the system has finished these important and useful updates you just need to unplug the TV set, remove the USB drive, plug in your TV again and then turn it on. It was really simple to install a Vizio firmware, wasn’t it? Right now you may be wondering why in the world you should update your system. In order to answer your question I must mention you will enjoy some modern life amenities such as:

I should also mention some modern benefits such as making the most out of your hardware; as an example of this, Vizio HD Bluetooth Headphones work perfectly with every single Bluetooth enabled VIA TV. As a final pointer, you will see how each process in the update is doing because the TV will show the step it is at.